But what kind of seats are available for fans? [82] During the 2008 season, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger received a concussion from a hit at Heinz Field. Sanford Stadium Seating Chart 2023: All the Details You Need to Know, Acrisure Stadium Champions Club Entrance . You can find tickets for as little as $20 if youre willing to sit in the upper deck, or you can spend upwards of $200 for seats closer to the stage. All of the seats are open to the elements and can get quite cold during Pittsburgh Steelers home games in December and January. These seats are perfect for those who want to be close to the action but dont want to spend too much money. [72], During Episode 4 of The Bachelorette (season 12), eleven contestants competed in a five on five football game. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. On Steelers and Pitt Panthers game days, access is also provided from Station Square parking facilities via the Gateway Clipper Fleet.[102]. Required fields are marked *. Seats are numbered in a specific manner in Heinz Field Stadium. [51] After unsuccessfully trying to find another local company to purchase the naming rights,[52] the naming rights were bought by Michigan-based insurance company Acrisure in a deal initially reported on July 11, 2022; Steelers minority owner Thomas Tull also has an ownership stake in Acrisure. Take a look at Acrisure Stadium seating chart formerly Hienz Field, setup and view the best seating options available to you at Heinz field. There are four main club levels at Heinz Field: the Toyota Club Level, the Lexus Club Level, the PNC Club Level, and the FedEx Great Hall. 200 level sections along the sidelines of Heinz Field will have overhead coverage in the back rows thanks to the 500 level seating decks above. Section 233 Seating Notes Recommended seating for impressing a guest Rows B-L, N-Q are recommended for great views of the field Desirable view from near midfield Premium seating area as part of the Club Seats Rows F and above are under cover See all shaded and covered seating Full Acrisure Stadium Seating Guide Row Numbers Starting in 2004, the wordmark designs were flipped in paint color, PITTSBURGH in the North and Steelers in the South were now athletic gold with the former having either dark blue outlines for Pitt or black for the Steelers. 7/7 - Leather chairs inside the West Club lounge. [23] HOK Sport's project manager for the project, Melinda Lehman, said that the Rooney family asked for the stadium's design to "acknowledge the history of Pittsburgh and also bring in an element of looking forward, this is where Pittsburgh is going. 2/7 - Rows G and above in club seating are covered from above. When Heinz Field first opened in 2001, it was primarily used as the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The stadium also features 6,600clubseats that include a restaurant and an indoor bar, at prices up to $2,000 per person. But theres a lot more to it than that. 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When the roof is closed, it protects the playing field from inclement weather conditions such as rain, snow, and wind. After discussions over the Pirates building a full-time baseball park, a proposal was made to renovate Three Rivers Stadium into a full-time football facility. Fans in the south endzone will have a private climate controlled lounge when sitting in Club Sections 148-150 and Field Club Sections 1-5. The temporary seating was left in place for the 201011 NFL playoffs, with the AFC Championship game on January 23 having a record attendance of 66,662. One of the best places to find protection from the weather is in endzone seating on the north side of the field. This article provided you with the Heinz field seating chart, best view seat and facilities in Heinz field for spectators. [57], The quickest score in NFL history occurred on September 8, 2013, in the Steelers season opener against the Tennessee Titans, when the Steelers scored a safety on the opening kickoff three seconds into the game. If you want to watch the game in style, this is definitely the place to be. [11] The Steelers' owners said failing to build a new stadium would hurt the franchise's chances of signing players who might sign with other teams, such as the other three in the Steelers division, who had all recently built new football-only stadiums. MORE See Full Size Suite Map Suite Levels at Acrisure Stadium 300 Level Suite 12-14 Tickets 0-2 Parking Catering Available View More Details 400 Level Suite 10-18 Tickets 0-2 Parking Catering Available View More Details [46][47][48], In January 2021, just as the Heinz naming rights deal was set to expire, it was announced that Kraft-Heinz decided to renew the naming rights for just one more year, ensuring the name would remain through at least the end of 2021. The answer is yes! [98], On April 12, 2012, the Steelers confirmed they would seek approval from the NFL to expand seating by 3,000. However, we think its definitely worth it! After discussion with the NFL,[80] the Steelers owners decided to re-surface the field for their nationally televised game against the Miami Dolphins. In Acrisure Stadium(formerly Heinz Field Stadium) the best place to sit is at mid-field (Lower Level). The ticketed seating options include two rows (rows A and B) of outdoor seats and Acrisure Stadium's only indoor row of seats (row C). All Club Seats are wider than normal seats and have more legroom. These sections offer similar amenities to the Club Level but at a lower price point. I recall an archaeologist friend who was faced with 3,600 analysable rim sherds at the end of a field season. If you are sitting the 100 level you want to make sure you sit above row 10 so you have enough height to see the entire field. On October 7, 2018, the Steelers won their 100th regular season game at Heinz Field with a record of 100381 at that point. If youre a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, then you know all about Heinz Field. If youre planning on attending a concert at Heinz Field, there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing your seat. The best seats in the house will always be the most expensive, so if youre on a tight budget you may want to look elsewhere. Food will cost you extra. [86] Steelers receiver Hines Ward called the playing conditions "horrendous" after the game. In addition, hometown bands The Clarks and the Povertyneck Hillbillies have played multiple shows at the stadium. Club sections promise excellent sideline views from an ideal elevation. Acrisure Stadium, formerly known as Heinz Field, is a football stadium located in the North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Row M in sections 234 and 235 has the best seats in the stadium for Steelers fans. The Pittsburg Steelers Bench is located in front of sections 133-136, and the visitors bench is located in front of section 109-112. On Friday, November 23, 2007, Heinz Field hosted four WPIAL championship football games which were followed the day after with a game between Pitt and South Florida. Section 235-237 offers beautiful views of the skyline. The best seats in the house could be yours! What sections are covered at Heinz Field? Sections 205-216 on the east side of the stadium will have access to the East Club Lounge, while sections 229-240 on the west side of the stadium. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Pirates shared Three Rivers Stadium from 1970 to 2000. One of the best places to find protection from the weather is in endzone seating on the north side of the field. And it sure beats being on the corners or in the end zone. [68] The game was played January 1, 2011, between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals. Heinz Field is home to the NFLs Pittsburgh Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers. If you can swing it, splurge for a ticket in one of these sections and enjoy all the perks that come with it (like access to exclusive clubs and lounges). Sat in Row JJ. Biggest ticketed show in Pittsburgh history. Club Seats The Acrisure Stadium Club Level is made up of sections 205-216 and 229-240. If you dont mind sitting in bleachers then there are some great options available, but if you prefer chairbacks or suites then youll have to pay a little extra. [17] The total cost of Heinz Field was $281million. Hyundai West Club American football stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Previous. The PNC Club is located on the north end of the stadium behind the end zone, and features a two-story bar area with views of downtown Pittsburgh. Prices will also differ depending on whether youre buying tickets directly from the Steelers or from a secondary market such as StubHub. The North Club Lounge access includes the indoor lounge space, la carte concessions, main bar and restrooms. The Upper Endzone seats are located in the second deck of Heinz Field and offer a good view of the entire field. . Clubs feature premium concessions (priced a la carte) Great view of game and players on the sideline. [75], In 2021, Pittsburgh CLO presented a production of The Wizard of Oz from July 8 to 10 on the field. On May 28, 2010, National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman announced that Heinz Field would be the host of the 2011 NHL Winter Classic. Suites are best for those who are visiting in groups of 12-14 people. The Loge Level seats are located on both sides of the field between the 20 yard lines in Sections A-G. Private suites have comfortable seats, high end view and 5 star catering facility. Despite this players and coaches of Pitt, the Steelers, and their opponents supported keeping the current turf.[78]. I need the grass. Heinz Field has been home to the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2001. Can see whole field and both scoreboards at all times. Great experience! [15], Originally, a sales tax increase was proposed to fund three projects: Heinz Field, PNC Park, and an expansion of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Both of these lounges will be climate controlled, with upscale food and beverage available for purchase, and private restrooms. Rows Q and above are covered in upper level sideline sections. It really depends on your individual needs and wants! [41], In 2007, writer Bill Evans named Heinz Field the second best stadium in the NFL, behind Lambeau Field, in an article for ESPN.com. "[90] After the 2008 season, a poll of 1,565NFL players rated the surface at Heinz Field as the worst of the 18natural surfaces in the League. If its an outdoor show during the summer months, youll want to avoid seats in direct sunlight. [88] Pittsburgh's owners said the decision was up to the players, who once again defended the natural surface. It's bad on your knees. There are seven main seating sections on each side of the field, known as Lower Endzone, Upper Endzone, Club Level, Loge Level, Mezzanine Level, Terrace Level, and Upper Deck. Despite the stadium formally still being . Suites are best for those who are visiting in groups of 12-14 people. From 1970 until 2000, the Steelers played at Three Rivers Stadium, a multipurpose facility they shared with baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates. . Mr. Rooney, can we please keep the grass? Heinz Field is the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and club seats are some of the best in the house. Below is the official Acrisure Stadium seating chart with row taken from their official website. Heinz Field is home to the Pittsburgh Steelers and has a seating capacity of over 64,000. With a seating capacity of over 68,000, Heinz Field is one of the largest stadiums in the NFL. [70] It was also the first night Classic and the first to use "CableCam" technology. As of 2018, the Pittsburgh Steelers have sold out every home game since the 1972 season. We were high enough to be undercover and protected from the cold rain. [59], On September 1, 2022, the Backyard Brawl between the University of Pittsburgh and West Virginia University met after an 11-year break of the rivalry, due to conference realignment. At the north endzone, Sections NC001-NC015 (North Club 1 through North Club 15) will have access to the climate controlled North Club Lounge. [49] As the naming rights were allowed to expire in 2022, the future name of the stadium was uncertain. [60], Since its opening in 2001, bands and artists including 'N Sync, Beyonc, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, and LeAnn Rimes have performed at the stadium. 6/7 - The entrance to the Hyundai Club (200 level club seats). With an attendance of 70,622 fans, a new record was set for the largest sporting event in the history of Pittsburgh. On September 1, 2022, a crowd of 70,622 fans broke the record attendance for a sporting event in Pittsburgh again, as No. The diagonal white lines in the South end zone during the college portion of the season began in this year too, with Steelers being added after Pitt has played their final home game of the year. [42] Although both stadiums received a score of 54 out of 70, Sports Illustrated named Heinz Field the second best stadium in the NFL, also behind Lambeau Field.[43]. Lower Level Seating in Heinz field stadium is leveled as 100-level. The stadium was constructed at an estimated cost of $281 million dollars and has a capacity of 65,050. The FedEx Great Hall is located on the south end of Heinz Field behind the other end zone. [40], That same year, two light-emitting diode (LED) video displays from Daktronics were installed at the field. for Row N and behind. 17 Pitt defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers 3831 in the first Backyard Brawl since 2011. The Toyota and Lexus Clubs are located on either side of the stadium between the 100 and 200 level seating sections. This is also the home side of the field and the shadier side of the field. Suites are divided into Lower Suite East(Section 301-335), Lower Suite West (Section 336-369), Upper Suite East (Section 402-439) and Upper Suite West (Section 440-460). These seat offer some of the best views in Heinz Field as well as access to exclusive club areas with upscale food options and private restrooms. There are two Club Levels in Acrisure Stadium (Heinz Field Stadium) i.e. Each panel weighs approximately 1,000 tons and is operated by four electric motors. All club seats at Lincoln Financial Field are covered, so you can enjoy the game no matter what the weather is like outside. So where is the best place to sit for a concert at Heinz Field? [10] Although the Steelers' owners disliked the idea, the proposal was used as a "fallback position" that would be used if discussions for a new stadium failed. However, Steelers president Art Rooney II has said he was "optimistic" about agreeing to another extension with Kraft-Heinz. Below is the Heinz field seating chart for club level section. UPMC East Club Pittsburgh native Jackie Evancho sang the Star Spangled Banner before local sports legends Franco Harris, Jerome Bettis and Mario Lemieux dropped the ceremonial puck. This area offers fans a premium experience with wider, comfortable seats, more leg room . Heinz Field served as the home field of the Gotham Rogues in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises.
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